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Reblog - 101 notesThere are a lot of book cover designs for Lolita. This one is mine.
Reblog - 100 notesSigh
Reblog - 35 notesBatgirl!! The new costume is so much awesome, I thought I’d try my hand at a slightly punkier version.
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Lauren Bacall 1924-2014.
Reblog - 1 noteRecently watched La Vie en Rose. Now I’m on a Piaf kick even though je ne parle pas français.
Reblog - 3 notesRevisiting a children’s book project I set aside a few years ago. Still happy with some of it, other parts … well at least I’ve gotten better.
Reblog - 1 notework doodle purge

Drawings from Dr.Sketchy’s with proud ‘murican, Dolly Longlegs.

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Reblog - 9 notescat with plant
Reblog - 2 notesCleaned up this drawing from a few weeks ago. I’ve been working on a lot of web stuff lately so not as much time to draw…
Reblog - 1 noteTrying my hand at different techniques. This is how I get my kicks.
Reblog - 5 notesrandom feral character types drawn during the golden globes
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Reblog - 1 noteHappy holidays people!